Father’s Day: Sharing an Introit

The self-isolation of the season of COVID19 has led to us worshiping via YouTube. 

I share the Introit of this Sunday—The Third Sunday After Pentecost—from the broadcast service of the Washington National Cathedral in DC:

(Incidentally, an “introit”—comes from the Latin verb introire, meaning to enter. Thus, in ecclesiastic language the Introit is the beginning of a service, particularly when the celebrants enter the sanctuary and a hymn or anthem is played or sung.)


The Introit at the cathedral on this Father’s Day  was “Come Sunday” from a composition called “Black, Brown and Beige” written in 1943 by Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington (1899-1974).



Come Sunday, oh come Sunday, that’s the day.

Refrain:  Lord, Dear Lord above: God Almighty, God of Love,

Please look down and see my people through.


I believe that God put sun and moon up in the sky.

I don’t mind the gray skies ‘cause they’re just clouds passing by.


Heaven is a goodness time, a brighter light on high.

Do unto others as you would have them do to you:

And have a brighter by and by.


I believe God is now, was then and always will be.

With God’s blessing we can make it through eternity.



The Lord God be with you all.

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